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Remote Monitoring

All devices are connected to our remote monitoring systems for instant notifications of any issues on your equipment, supplies orders and meter collection.

This takes away all the burden of having to worry about if you enough supplies or monthly meter readings collections.

In addition to our remote monitoring we also provide remote support for your equipment. However, security is always at the forefront of anything we do so we will need your permission to start a remote session on the device to fix an issue.

The key capabilities that remote monitoring provides are:

  • Remote monitoring of network printers of any brand and model
  • Data collection from the printing devices
  • Automated meter reading
  • Detection of consumables levels
  • Alert management and reporting of low consumables
  • Automated management of supply processes for toner and consumables
  • Management of cost-per-page and Toner-based contracts
  • Automatic provision of contract dashboards, closing balances, timetables, reports
  • Data integration via API with external systems, like ERPs CRMs, service and ticketing systems, and external Databases