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To get you started on your green journey we plant 20 tress for every device supplied in partnership with One Tree Planted.

We understand that the equipment we provide does have a negative impact on our environment by using paper and ultimately trees. That is why we are totally unique & plant 20 trees for every devices supplied to offset the usage with our reforestation program. That is the equivalent of 360’000 prints for every device!
When you place an order you can select from many reforestation projects in the UK & across the world and will receive a certificate on the project/s you have supported.

Saving paper is only one way to reduce waste in your printing environment… but there are so many more! At CPC, we can offer software that can empower users to make small changes in printing behaviour, with significant impacts on the environment. We can provide environmental dashboard on how many trees you’ve consumed & planted, and reports can show trends in printing habits, down to each individual user or printer.


We offer full office equipment recycling and data destruction at the end of your agreement to ensure your environment responsibility


We provide our reforestation program for all devices supplied by replanting tress for the pages that you use.


Print Smarter

With our software solutions we can encourage your users to use more environmental friendly options to print smarter at the MFD printer touchscreen

If you want to go further check out Forest Positive Printing with PaperCut Grows

Just reducing waste isn’t enough anymore. Turn your printing’s impact around by becoming Forest Positive.
PaperCut Grows is our sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing.
This easy-to-use in-product tool converts your documents printed into trees planted via a small up-front investment per printer.
We’re the experts on the print side of things, we leave the actual tree planting to our non-profit reforestation partners around the globe.

How does PaperCut Grows work?

You simply join as part of your license with PaperCut MF or PaperCut Hive. The average tree can produce 8333 pages but we based this on 8000 pages so your replacing more than you use to help restore the environment for future generations.

The program dashboard displays your Forest Positive status, including your printing and tree planting volumes. The in-product complete Marketing Toolkit then equips your business with a variety of assets to share your sustainability story via website components, social media posts, and other creative content.

Who does the planting?

We’re the print experts, so we handle the calculations and conversions as part of our print management functionality. We leave the tree planting to the ecological experts, our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit global reforestation organization. Since 2014 they have planted over 40 million trees in more than 43 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. We are now proudly one of their planting partners.

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