Saving paper is only one way to reduce waste in your printing environment… but there are so many more! At Datasharp, we give you access to reports that can empower users to to make small changes in printing behaviour, with significant impacts on the environment. We can show you on Papercut’s environmental dashboard how many trees you’ve consumed, and reports can show trends in printing habits, down to each individual user or printer.


We offer office equipment recycling and data destruction at the end of your agreement to ensure your environmental responsibility.

Carbon Offset

We also provide a carbon offset programme in by replanting tress for the pages that you use.


Print Smarter

With our software solutions we can encourage users to use the options to print smarter at the MFD printer touchscreen

Forest Positive Printing with PaperCut Grows

Just reducing waste isn’t enough anymore. Turn your printing’s impact around by becoming Forest Positive.
PaperCut Grows is our sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing.
This easy-to-use in-product tool converts your documents printed into trees planted via a small up-front investment per printer.
We’re the experts on the print side of things, we leave the actual tree planting to our non-profit reforestation partners around the globe.