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Document Security

Security is a key part of any company’s network so why should print devices be any different. That’s why all our devices support high levels of encryption and we provide the option to wipe the HDD after the device has been removed from your business.

Data overwrite security is available on most devices which will overwrite any data (print jobs & scan data) directly after it has completed the job insuring you total data security of every job completed.

Avoiding data breaches

Data breaches are a serious issue for any company. Not only are they a cause for concern for you and your business, but they can also severely affect your employees and customers if sensitive data is compromised.

A breach can include:

  • Data being sent to the wrong recipient (for example by email or through the post)
  • Incorrect data shown in a customer’s online portal
  • Unauthorised access of networks or hardware
  • Sending files to multiple recipients where the recipients are visible to one another

The financial impact

Due to how serious a breach of data is, there would be a financial cost your company will have to bear, particularly where GDPR restrictions are concerned. For example, in 2020 British Airways was given a £20 million fine for failing to secure details of 400,000 of its customers adequately.

Your reputation

Employee and customer confidence is key, therefore it’s vital that documents are secure. A breach of GDPR can cause your organisation significant reputational damage and seriously affect the future of your brand.